Norikata Emiya is the father of Kiritsugu and fourth head of the Emiya family. He is a genius who rose to the
180px-Kiritsugu father's Norikata
rank of receiving a Sealing Designation even though he is only the fourth generation, a relatively shallow generation compared to more esteemed families. He managed to evade the enforcers for twenty years despite being actively hunted the entire duration of time, but his wife was slain by the enforcers shortly after Kiritsugu's birth. He eventually settled and hid on a small southern island, Alimango Island, with Kiritsugu while working on a potion to make the drinker into a Dead Apostle, so that he may continue his work for as long as he needs with the immortality. He had Shirley working as his assistant, and due to her overeagerness, she drank one of his experimental potions. After the outbreak of the Dead on the island, he is assassinated by his son before he can escape and resume his research elsewhere.










Kiritsugu EmiyaEdit


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